Sam Ospovat is a professional drummer, percussionist, and composer living in New York City.

He's best known for his work with guitarist Ava Mendoza's avant-garde rock trio Unnatural Ways with electric bass extraordinaire Tim Dahl. Other projects include the Angelica Sanchez Nonet with Chris Speed, Michäel Attias, Ben Goldberg, Kirk Knuffke, Thomas Heberer, Omar Tamez and John Hébert; Brandon Seabrook's double rhythm section ensemble Die Trommel Fatale with Chuck Bettis, Eivind Opsvik, Henry Fraser, Marika Hughes and Dave Treut; underground post-rock spoken-word group Enablers; Criminals with Jaimie Branch, Matt Nelson and Brandon Lopez; and an ongoing collaboration with double bassist Kim Cass exploring polyrhythms as a fundamental framework for composition and improvisation--work which has recently lead to a handful of illuminating trio performances with Cass and pianist Matt Mitchell.

Ospovat has toured extensively throughout the United States and Europe, and performed with many notable musicians including Cecil Taylor, Maryanne Amacher, Leo Smith, Terry Riley, The San Francisco Contemporary Music Players, Tune-Yards, Naytronix, Willie Winant, members of Rova Saxophone Quartet, Ches Smith, Trevor Dunn and Bill McHenry.